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You will never be the same

My Case is Urgent Sunday Service

  • You will never be the same

When we gather in His name, we can be assured that the Lord is in our midst. As the Spirit of God is moving, let there be a total transformation in your life!

Dealing with urgent situations

Scripture Reference: 2 kings 6:26-33

In the scripture we see that there was a great famine; there was no food in the land to the extent that people resorted to eating human flesh. This was a horrible situation. You have faced challenges but you have never reached the level of opting to eat another human being because of a lack of food. This situation was a serious state of emergency.

Note: Samaria shares a border with Israel and the famine was in Samaria. As the king of Israel was passing along the border of Samaria and Israel, a Samaritan woman cried out to him explaining that she had made an agreement with another woman to eat her son on one day and the other woman’s son on another day; but after her son was eaten, the other woman hid her son. When the king heard of the situation he was so moved that he vowed to kill Elijah the prophet, saying, “If I will not kill the prophet may the Lord punish me”. The king knew that the only one who could solve this issue was a prophet and he was angered by the fact that the prophet did nothing about it. There are things that are not supposed to happen in the presence of a prophet!

When I look at you, there are so many things in your life that need urgent attention. The secret and solution to your urgent situation is a prophet.

Know where the devil belongs

Some people don’t know that the devil belongs behind them, and not in front of them – even the devil knows this. The Bible records of a time when the devil appeared in front of Jesus and Jesus rebuked him saying, “get behind me satan”. When the devil comes in front of you, tell him where he belongs!

My Case is Urgent Sunday Service LIVE: Dealing with urgent situations CONTINUED…

There was a problem in the land and the King said, “We can not wait any longer, something must be done!”. God Himself said, “I have put prophets on the earth. If they listen to them, they shall be saved.”.

Scripture Reference: 2 kings 7:1

In this scripture we see Elijah making a declaration that by the following day, the situation would be remedied and the economy restored. True to his word, it was so. Do you know a prophet can pray for you and a house you were meant to buy for 50 million can be bought for 50 thousand? Prophets carry that authority; prophets have the power to control economies. This is why when Peter came to Jesus asking for money to pay taxes, Jesus instructed him saying, “…go to the sea, cast in a hook, and take the fish that comes up first. And when you have opened its mouth, you will find a piece of money; take that and give it to them for Me and you.”. A word from the mouth of a prophet is all it took and money appeared

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