Watch Shocking Video: Mashurugwi Admits Allegiance To ED

As terror groups invade Harare

Illegal miners groups better known as Mashurugwi have reportedly invaded some parts of Harare.

The group is said to have made appearances in Avondale and Southlands.

In this video, the group heaps praises on ED Mnangagwa and boasts that they will exist as long as he is Zimbabwean president.

This has been seen by many as acknowledgement to the effect that ED is the power behind the killer groups.

A reknown political commentator suggested that:

If ever you doubted about the origins and current ownership of the Machete Gangs, here is your answer!

The political nature of these murderous gangs is known and the fact that they are now aping the President’s insults means that we are headed into dark times.

They continue to roam without any judicial consequences because their Godfathers are running this country!

The token arrests due to public pressure don’t address the real issues!


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