Shocking: Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni takes a walk of shame as opposition leader Bobi Wine is arrested

Video by Dr Mumbi show

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni who is widely viewed as a dictator who took over Idi Amin’s legacy launched and took part in a six day jungle trek.

The aim was to retrace the steps of his guerrilla forces when they seized power three decades ago from Idi Amin in 1986.

Museveni is one of Africa’s longest serving presidents and he doesn’t look like he is going anywhere anytime soon.  His political party has already endorsed him as their best candidate for a sixth term.

In his six day jungle trek, Museveni is seen in a video stopping at one point and throwing money at village residents who bow down and give thanks to him. Some residents are seen playing drums and singing while Museveni sits on a Safari chair giving money to kneeling village residents.

The Prime Minister of the Democratic Replubic of Congo also criticised Museveni’s trek in the jungle saying that the Ugandans deserved better than a President walking through the jungle. He says time spent in the walk should have been spent on productive issues like Museveni considering handing over power to someone else.

On the sidelines of this, Bobi Wine who is a dominant opposition leader in Uganda and also a threat to Museveni’s rule was also arrested. He was arrested ahead of his meeting/rally with teargases amd armed police forces citing clearance issues which have no base.

He was held at a police station where a multitude of young people protested his release.




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