Zimbabwe National Army Colonel Caught Stealing NRZ Signal Cables

As Government Is Reluctant To Review Civil Servants Salaries

A Zimbabwe National Army soldier, Lance Corporal Witness Mpofu, Force Number 80127F! was reportedly caught stealing NRZ signal cables

This follows a series of other shameful acts that the uniformed forces are engaging in so as to cushion themselves from being underpaid.

The government of Zimbabwe has remained adamant to reviewing employees salaries whereas basic commodities has spiralled upwards by a factor of more than 300%.

Another member of the same army in the ministry of defence was recently apprehended for stealing US$20million to buy luxury cars and mansions!

Popular Journo Hopewell Chin’ono carried the story and added that:

He was caught stealing NRZ signal cables, like many, he is grossly underpaid because of the LOOTING by Mnangagwa and his gang!


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