Zanu PF rule-A demonstration of a ruling class without ruling ideas

As butcher politics narrative continue after the fall of Mugabe

The Zanu PF government has largely made use of repressive state apparatus to quell demonstrations targeted at misrule in the country.

This has been seen and labelled as a gross violation to the constitution of Zimbabwe which mandates people to demonstrate and air their civil and political grievances. Police brush and milatary deployment has been the order of the day in the opposition’s quarters,with this extending to the MDC’s clean up campaigns.

Talk of a ‘Second Republic’ gave Zimbabweans hope after 37 years under Mugabe’s rule.Be it as it might be,the mammoth task of a political turning in Zimbabwe is still far than near.

The narrative of police brutality, military chaos and abuse of the constitution is still evident,even after the ousting of the late president Robert Mugabe.His government then and the government now are two sides of the same coin.

According to Pedzisai Ruhanya , Zanu PF’s machismo behaviour against opposition MDC’s exercise of its constitutional civil, political liberties through banning of demonstrations against misrule in Zimbabwe has largest led to disarray of its bogus narratives after Mugabe fall; ruling class without ruling ideas


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