Tajamuka leader fights in Mary Chiwenga’s corner

As her bail is continuously denied

Tajamuka leader Promise Mkwananzi has publicly voiced his support for the imprisoned wife of General Chiwenga, Mary Mubaiwa.

Promise says that Mary Chiwenga is in illegal political detention.

Promise wrote a statement today on Twitter saying ,”Whatever the merits or otherwise of Mary Chiwenga’s allegations. If she is still in detention then she is in illegal and political detention.”

General Chiwenga has been accused by many including Mary Chiwenga’s uncle Hannington Mubaiwa of settling personal and family scores using the judiciary.

He says the imprisonment is not justified because Mary is innocent and she is just a victim of failed divorce.

Mary is accused of attempted murder on her husband General Chiwenga, fraud, misrepresentation and externalisation of funds.


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