Saviour Kasukuwere names the two Ministers sponsoring the Mashurugwi

In a conversation with twitter ghost Matigari

Saviour Kasukuwere has taken a bold step into naming the two ministers behind the Mashurugwi attacks.

Saviour made the stunning revelation in a conversation with the twitter troll Matigari who had expressed concern on why the government is failing to put these attacks to rest.

Kasukuwere believes that the behaviour of Mashurugwi is strongly influenced by their parentage.

In his own writing, Kasukuwere said ,”It’s origins define the lackadaisical response by the state. It’s not going to be easy to stop because of it’s parentage . Do your homework .”

Quizzed on who these are, Kasukuwere further said ,” Dockets of current Ministers serving implicated in the murders in Kwekwe are with the Police . It is a public secret that two current serving Ministers were implicated in the Kwekwe machete wars .


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